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Clear Evap Cooler Vent Covers

  • Reduce heat loss
  • Quick and easy to install and remove
  • Each size fits a large variety of vents
  • Reusable every winter

We can personally deliver and install clear vent covers within the Canberra and Queanbeyan Regions for $35.00 inc. GST each.

Please note: Clear Rectangular Vent Covers 600mm x 450mm (large) are currently out of stock.

Clear Square Vent Covers 350mm (medium)
Clear Square Vent Covers 450mm (large)

How to measure your vent

Step 1: Measure the Outside (A) & (B)

Step 2: Select the suitable sized vent cover. Ensure the cover are the same size or lager than your vent. 

How to install your vent covers.

Clear evaporative cooler vent covers are simple to install by connecting a small hook to the inner frame of the vent or the louvres. The foam on the vent cover seals against the face of the vent or if the cover is larger than the vent it will seal tight against the ceiling.


Brands we work with:

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